DHS’ Buys 2,717 Light-Armored Tanks…

by Barnabus1

They know an Obama Civil War or Revolution is Coming!!!!


  ‘Obama DHS’ Buys 2,717 Light-Armored Tanks…

To Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile

(The Gateway Pundit/ Modern Survival) – This is getting a little creepy.

According Modern Survival The Department of Homeland Security (through the U.S. Army Forces Command) recently retrofitted 2,717 of these ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ vehicles for service on the streets of the United States.

Although I’ve seen and read several online blurbs about this vehicle of late, I decided to dig slightly deeper and discover more about the vehicle itself.
DHS even released a video on their newly purchased MRAPs.

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